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About us

In 2004 we, George Munroe and Christine Cahoon, founded Platypus to offer practical advice on ICT strategy to encourage companies to embrace the latest in internet technology, both in software development and in connectivity. Subsequently we have developed ETINU, a cloud-based web management product and have delivered workshops that focus on the latest in internet technology.

Photo of Christine Cahoon

Christine Cahoon, Client support,
“Christine’s computing experience began by managing critical equipment in a university computer centre in the early 1980s, from where she moved to analyst and became an active participant in a number of local and national world wide web initiatives, often with a leading role. Since leaving academe she has directed operations in a number of small Northern Ireland companies. Her empathy with users in general and customers in particular has led her to take responsibility for customer satisfaction and support. Technical skills range across web site creation and systems management.”

Photo of George Munroe

George Munroe, Systems architect,
“From the early days of the web, George has played a leading role in its deployment in academia, and then business, at home and in developing countries. He was the founder and managing director of one of Ireland's first private-owned internet service provider for ten years, and is now a director in several technology companies. He has led several teams in providing software products and systems solutions for specific clients. He also is the company's lead developer and regularly takes workshops on the latest web technologies around the UK.”