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What we do

and thanks for visiting us!

Why Platypus? The Platypus is the exception to the rule... it's a mammal that lays eggs. Due to our in-depth knowledge and experience in web developments and services over the last two and a half decades, we believe our work is the exception to the rule. We won't only give you well-considered, valuable advice but give you a solution that caters for your business needs.

We're here to:

  • encourage you to use our software as a service HTML5 product, ETINU, to host and manage a web site that adds real value to your business
  • provide a one stop shop for you that covers internet domain management, web site hosting, web site functionality, and search engine optimisation
  • demonstrate to you how you can update your web site at any time using a very simple interface
  • assist you in continually improving the effectiveness of your web site
  • allow you to leverage new web technologies as we integrate them with our product and you automatically realise the benefits
  • guide you, as we deliver our workshops on the latest in web-related technology, to understanding what's most relevant for your business.

Within these pages we would also hope to provide you with evidence that we have been around a while and know what we're talking about!