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Motorways and processes...

Christine Cahoon   Tue 10 Apr 2018

It's hard to believe in the 1960s that drivers had to be taught how to exit slip ways from motorways but it's true.

In a similar way, it's hard to believe that some need taught on what the web is and what it is capable of, especially when most now take what's available online for granted. Some are in management positions and may have misunderstandings, because of the way the certain news is reported such as with security issues.

Maybe you're:

  • in a management position leaving your technical team to make all decisions without you fully understanding what they are telling you... you're the one spending money, but not necessarily seeing the benefits or
  • a head of operations and you think that your business processes could be more stream-lined (maybe some are still paper-based) and could be available online for the public to submit information and privileged staff to manage, or
  • in charge of sales team who spend lots of time online, but you're not seeing the results translated into income and you're unable to measure your return of investment (ROI).

If you want experienced, technically-aware, security-conscious people, and want someone to speak in understandable English, without techie-speak, we're happy to talk over what we can do for you. We will discuss your requirements and options in a one-to-one meeting or develop a workshop that is customised to you and your staff's business needs.

It could be a worthwhile investment to help you make more informed, wise decisions that will help you direct traffic to your online presence and help you be more efficient to grow your business.