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March 2018 notice...

Christine Cahoon   Tue 13 Mar 2018

To Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful
ETINU's "tag cloud" feature
Track your marketing campaigns

To Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

Platypus have the pleasure in hosting the Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful web site, This charity runs a number of programmes throughout the year, such as: The BIG Spring Clean; Green Coast Award; Green Flag Award; Adopt A Spot. Its aim is to improve environmental education in Northern Ireland schools, increase public engagement for communities in need and raise environmental standards for the places where people live, work and relax.

ETINU's "tag cloud" feature*

*The tag cloud feature is available in a few section types, namely in: blog; gallery; and publications. Keywords that you specify for any blog post, photo or publication, appear in the tag cloud enabling you to categorise them. Anyone looking at the cloud instantly sees the most popular themes by the size of the corresponding keywords. More details at:

Example of the tag cloud in Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful's blog (right of the page):

Example of the tag cloud in Real Music Club's 2017 gallery (select the tab "Tag cloud"):

Track your marketing campaigns

There are many ways to market your products and services, but it's worthwhile tracking the success of each marketing campaign such as sending a link in a mailshot, posting on Facebook or Twitter, or placing an Ad on Google Adwords. Using Google's simple campaign URL (web address) builder tool will help you keep track of how successful each activity is ( By using the web address that the builder generates, you can monitor matching web traffic in Google Analytics. For more details, see:

For more information about ETINU, see:, and feel free to forward any questions about ETINU or your web site.