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How do you track your marketing campaigns...

Christine Cahoon   Fri 22 Nov 2013   updated: Mon 12 Mar 2018

It's surprising how few know how to track their marketing campaigns, whether it's email, facebook, twitter or whatever.

If you use Google Analytics to monitor your web traffic then this simple Campaign URL builder tool from Google will help you keep track of how successful each campaign is.

Once you've filled in the form and submit, the page returns with a web address you can use in the appropriate campaign. This web address will contain what you've specified to identify your campaign such as the source, medium, campaign name.

Your Analytics will then track the various campaigns and you can see how successful each has been. You will see the statistics under the Acquisition -> Campaigns reports. See screenshot as an example... you can see that the lowest bounce rate (percentage of those who go to the web site and leave in comparison who stay), almost the highest number of pages per visit read and longest average visit duration has been achieved from the Netskills news email campaign.

Note: if you don't use Google Analytics and your web site is hard to manage in that it's not easy to add the GA code to every page, consider using ETINU to build your own web site and have all the content management, monitoring and marketing potential easily available in your web site.

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Christine Cahoon   Fri 06 Jan 2017   updated: Tue 13 Mar 2018

Note: the change of menu in Google Analytics where Campaigns are located.

Thanks to the Intelligent Economist, who provides helpful information in his article on A Complete Guide to The New Google URL Builder, see:

BTW if you need to track mobile app ads, see the Google Play URL builder tool